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Kisses From Momma
Shirley Thomas
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"Kisses from Momma" is a true story from a mother’s own personal experience about how the death of a child, delivers heartbreak to an entire family, and how the overwhelming love of God is able to heal the broken-heartedness, and restore joy and peace into their lives.

Each chapter is filled with the raw emotions a mother encounters upon losing a child to physical death, and how it affects every member of the family.  She shares the helplessness she experienced, and the questions that demanded answers that no one could answer – no one but God.

Kisses from Momma describes the beautiful love and mercy of God demonstrated to a woman who had chosen to serve God with all of heart, yet faced the most difficult challenge of her life.  She shares the pivotal moment when she had to answer her heavenly Father the one question He posed to her, “You either trust me or you don’t; what is your answer?”

.If you or someone you know has experienced the pain and heartache of losing a child, regardless of age or circumstances, Kisses from Momma is a must-read.  It is a book of hope for all those who are hopeless.  It is a book of peace for all those who feel they have none.  It is a book of love for all those who feel empty.  It is a book of healing and restoration for all those who feel sick, angry and bitter.  It is a story of accepting God’s mercy and love, and knowing that God is the TRUE answer.
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Book Cover Illustration
by Caramia