Hi! I'm Charlotte, aka Caramia. A few years ago I decided to ask God for a new name that would represent a new chapter of my life; a chapter of wholeness and oneness with Him.  Much like He did with my Bible heros, He gave me Caramia, which means "My Beloved". Not long after I began to paint the visions He gave me.

Many times people will ask, "how long did it take you to paint that one?"  It is so hard to give a time because it sometimes begins months before I actually put brush to canvas.  I will see something in my mind, or be moved by an emotion or His creation.  Each piece has a different story and many represent another aspect of God's character.

One of my favorite parts is seeing someone's face the first time they see something that was created just for them. I know immediately if it belongs to them by the emotion and the connection they reveal.

Caramia's Art
Here I am at Art Slam 2010 in Greenville, SC.
My First painting and then a year later.
In January 2008, I began to combine two things that I love.  I am a nurse trained to do ultrasound at my local crisis pregnancy clinic.  I began to realize how beautiful these babies were in utero and that  they needed a voice which they might not otherwise have.  I began to paint the sonogram pictures.  It was thrilling the first time I did this and continues to wow me.  I remember looking down at my hand and thinking this is one of the reasons you were created. Since we were created in His image it gives me particular pleasure to paint these babies.

I hope you've enjoyed what you see here.  This is an act of worship for me, my way of praising my Maker. God has revealed Himself to me and to others through Prophetic Christian Art. He is using it to glorify Himself.

I am a Christian wife and mother of three great guys.  I'm very honored to also help parent a beaufiful little girl! I work with my husband in our auto repair business, AutoSmith, LLC.   I attend The Voice of Truth Church in Irwinton, Georgia. I enjoy spending time with my family, studying the Bible, reading, cooking, movies, and letterboxing.